Public Party Suite Information



Have you wanted the suite experience, but never had enough humans to join you?!

Or maybe you really are sick & tired of this Rochester weather, but the show must go on?!

The PUBLIC PARTY SUITE is for you!

Individual tickets for sale at $30 each, 2 ticket minimum, includes complimentary drinks & option to order ahead catering or in-game catering, both from Chef Fredo of Palermo's Market & Me Gusta!
Tickets available for purchase on our ticketing site.
Steps to Purchase:
* Same process as purchasing a single match ticket
  1. Go to our ticketing site here.
  2. Click "BUY TICKETS" for desired match.
  3. On the suite map find click on Suite 9 or 10 (both reserved for party goers).
  4. Purchase desired number of tickets (2 ticket minimum).
Grab your tickets and we will see you in the suites!


Flower City Union